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 This will fix your problem!, Check Inside!

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PostSubject: This will fix your problem!, Check Inside!   Mon Jun 08, 2009 3:59 pm

Thanks for giving me your attention.
Log files are SO INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT when it comes to solving like, 95% of problems.

Log files tell me the following:

• The version you're using.
• The format of the video.
• The running time of the video.
• The bitrate of the video.
• The estimated size of the video.
• The audio and video codecs of the video.
• The framerate of the video.
• The resolution of the video.
• The audio's fidelity, channels and bitrate.
• Any other tracks in the video.
• The actual command created by FilmRedux. The very big and complicated command that contains all of the above information for the outputted file.
• The archetecture of the Mac you're using (PPC or Intel)
• The entire conversion, split up into half-second increments.
• The quality of the video, the size, and bitrate, all split up into half-second increments.
• The final size and completion confirmation.
• The elapsed time.
• A chunk of metadata.

Isn't it so much easier to just give me a text file that's made for you than to play support tag back and forth?

It's support utopia!

"Ben...how can I partake in this Support revolution? I wish I had more problems so I can use this revolutionary 'Log File' more often!"

I'm glad you asked, Billy. It's simple!
You can get the log file two ways:
1: Right after conversion
2: After conversion

Right After Conversion:

"That's awesome. Now how do I get it to you?"

I'm glad you asked, Billy. It's simple!
You can get the log file to me in one of two ways:
1: Paste it on the forum in a new topic (if it's too big, you can cut out some "meat" from the middle).
2: E-mail it to me: boiling.ben83@gmail.com

"Wow! I can feel my problem being solved already!"
That's right, Billy.
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This will fix your problem!, Check Inside!
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