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 How to report an error

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How to report an error Empty
PostSubject: How to report an error   How to report an error EmptyMon Jun 08, 2009 9:29 am

If you have an issue you want help with, please do the following:
Download and run the latest version of PunyVid.
•Convert the file in question using this new version of PunyVid.
•At the "end" of the conversion process or lack thereof, click "Show Log".
•Copy the entire contents of the TextEdit window that pops up, and paste it into a new thread reply on this message board.
•Let us know what kind of file you're trying to convert (AVI, MPEG, etc), and what settings you used. If applicable, a screenshot of QuickTime Player's Movie Info window for the file would be helpful too.
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How to report an error
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